Windows 7 – Proving Microsoft Can’t Add

If you can’t handle math, or managing lists, how the hell are we supposed to trust you with writing an operating system for a computer?

  1. Windows 1.0
  2. Windows 2.0
  3. Windows 3.0
  4. Windows 3.1
  5. Windows for Workstations 3.11
  6. Windows NT 3.1
  7. Windows NT 3.5
  8. Windows 95
  9. Windows NT 4.0
  10. Windows 95 OSR2
  11. Windows 98
  12. Windows 98 SE
  13. Windows ME
  14. Windows 2000
  15. Windows XP
  16. Windows Vista
  17. Windows 7

You may question whether some of these are actually different versions, but I am taking the view that if Microsoft didn’t have an upgrade utility, and made you go out and buy a new copy to get the ‘new version’, than it is a distinct software release. Microsoft set the rules, that Windows 95 OSR2 and Windows 98 SE were not ‘upgrades’; so they can’t complain if I hold them to their own definitions.

This is my short list, and isn’t nearly as extensive as some other lists, and I still count at least 17 major versions of Windows. Does this mean that Windows 7 is the tech we should have gotten ten versions ago?


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