Customer Service, Apple’s Achilles Heel

So, I happened to be in the neighborhood yesterday, so I walked into an Apple store. I went to the back, where several ‘geniuses’ looked to be ‘idle’. One of them asked if I needed help, and I showed him my iPhone and asked if Apple was still replacing screens that have bubbles forming in in the glue that bonds the digitizer to the glass. He said yes, but that I needed to make an appointment. Idle staff telling me they can’t help me without an appointment. This is the part that Apple does not understand: Customer Service.

‘Servicing the Customer’ does NOT mean screwing them at every opportunity.


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  1. Oh, yeah, I tried to buy an iPhone without an appointment. I finally corralled someone and said “Look, I have money that I wish to exchange for goods. Can we work something out? Is that still how things operate?”

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