My awesome geeky wife!

Who says the studios don’t make money from people who watch ‘television’ shows on the Internet? Mel and I were watching Big Bang Theory on-line, and they had an ‘in show placement’ of a ‘Cylon Toaster’. It looks awesome:


We joked about how cool that would be, especially since we don’t have a toaster at this time. We paused the show, and thirty seconds of googling had us at the NBC/Universal Store.

We paid for it with the money we just got from selling on eBay some of the unused gift cards left over from our wedding presents. So, essentially, we just got a Cylon Toaster as a wedding present.

We both love it; and I love that I can share these geeky impulses with my awesome geeky wife.

UPDATE 2011-11-25 – Sadly, the original Cylon Toaster os no longer offered at the NBC store. It has been replaced with a cheesy looking Caprica toaster (which is now unavailable as well). Not nearly as nice. Sadly, this means if you want the cool one you’ll have to bay big bucks on eBay. Sorry. 🙁

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