Flu-Shot – The Weekend Recipe

I wish to share with the world my recipe for the perfect winter bar shooter. Vitamin C is believed to help ward off colds and flu, so you are doing a favor for your friends when you buy them a round of Flu-Shots!

  1. Pour two Emergen-C* packets into a pint glass, fill with water, and stir until dissolved.
  2. Pour this mix in approximately one to two ounce servings into several short tumblers.
  3. Add one to two ounces of vodka to each tumbler.
  4. Serve!

There you go, an easy way to fight seasonal flu while partying with friends**.

*Emergen-C is a registered trademark of Alacer Corp, and is used in this recipe without their permission or knowledge. Huzzah for ‘Fair Use’!
**These claims are not backed by the FDA, medical studies, or urban legends. Your results may vary. Do not drive, work, think, or call your ex while taking this cold/flu preventative.


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