So much for the Nook…

Well, so much for the Nook being a game changing eBook reader. Turns out the ability to ‘loan’ eBooks to friends is so close to useless that I have to consider it a gimmick. Apparently, you can loan a book. Once. Only once. Ever. Frak that. Give me all the rights of a paperback, or don’t bother telling me about your eBook version.

B&N Ebook Reader Lets You Loan A Book Just Once

By Chris Walters, 10:52 PM on Thu Oct 22 2009, 569 views

One of the big selling points about the Nook, the new ebook reader introduced this week by Barnes & Noble, is that unlike Amazon they'll let you virtually “loan” your ebook to a friend for up to 14 days (if the publisher allows it). What they don't tell you—some smart readers over at MobileRead sussed it out—is that you can only do this one time per book. You'd better lend wisely—and your friend had better finish that book within 14 days.

via Ebooks: B&N Ebook Reader Lets You Loan A Book Just Once.


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