Pelosi, adjective: spineless, unwilling to take a stand

In the face of absolute criminal activity, a true representative of the people would not be such a political coward. If Nancy Pelosi were an honest politician (yeah, I know…) she would not ignore charges so serious. She would not say that prosecuting ‘high crimes’ is ‘off the table’. WTF?

House waves off impeachment measure against Bush
(06-11) 12:26 PDT WASHINGTON, (AP) —

The House has voted to send articles of impeachment against President Bush to a committee that is not likely to hold hearings before the end of his term.

By a vote of 251 to 166, House members dispatched the measure to a committee on Wednesday — a procedure often used to kill legislation.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi long ago declared the prospects for impeachment proceedings “off the table.”

Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, who ran for president earlier this year, insists that his bill deserves more consideration. Kucinich says that Bush committed “high crimes and misdemeanors” when he made a flawed case for going to war against Iraq.

No hearings are expected for impeachment articles already offered against Vice President Dick Cheney.


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