Is “The Happening” the Rapture?

I’ve been sitting here watching all the available trailers for The Happening, and I had this sudden thought that makes sense, and yet is completely twisted. Twisted must be shared…

If you are not familiar with the concept of ‘The Rapture’, two minutes with Google should give you sufficient background on this particular oddball belief. To sum it up quickly, ‘the chosen’ get called to heaven, and they all just vanish – body and soul. It is an extremely contradictory belief, as Heaven is unanimously regarded as a ‘spirit realm’; but these folks believe they get sucked up body and all.

So, what is my twisted thought about “The Happening”? What if it is the Rapture? But, bodies don’t go to Heaven. So, you get the call, and you are speechless under the pressure of the call, but you are stuck in the physical realm. What do you do? You kill yourself, as quickly as possible.

Why is that twisted? Suicide is generally regarded as an inexcusable sin. So, imagine if you have to commit a grievous sin to go to Heaven?


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  1. Mike says, and I agree, that it would make for a very twisted and dark set of short stories to write about the things people would think if they were going to ‘miss’ the rapture unless they do something desperate.

    It would make a nice counterpoint to the ‘left behind’ novels. 🙂


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