Looking for Dave Lee?

There are a number of people from my past that I wouldn’t mind getting back in touch with. There is Tammy Mackowiak, my first serious monogamous girlfriend; I bumped into her in 1995, but I think my scruffy beard and tie-dye shirt put her off a little. I wouldn’t mind getting a chance to re-play that encounter over, for the shock value of explaining my life post-Griffith if nothing else. I wonder what ever happened to James Tingley, one of my best friends in high school with whom I lost touch when he moved to Spain. Phil Simcich, what ever happened to you?

I know lots of people have friends they have lost touch with, but for me it is a particularly prevalent problem because I’m sort of un-stuck in time. I blink, and years have gone by. I know I passed through them, but I have this sort of tunnel vision where I just don’t see the time passing. I’ve been back in the San Francisco Bay Area over a year now? No, way… Seems like only a few weeks… And so I lose touch with people for the simple reason that I don’t realize how long it has been since I’ve talked to them.

So it is with Dave Lee. I exchanged a few emails with him not too long ago. Until I go looking at my outbox, and realize that it was around the time I moved to Florida… Five years ago. Weird.

My skewed sense of time isn’t the really wierd thing though. I noticed that someone visited my website today after finding it on Don Schiewer’s alumni page for survivors of Griffith High School. Here is the wierd thing though… They didn’t come to my site looking for me… They came looking for Dave Lee. That’s what they entered into the search form. Why would someone track me down to find him?

I’d love to catch up with Dave too, and see what he has been up to; but, I’m particularly curious why someone would come to my site looking for him. Weirder still, is that the visitor came from an internet gateway at tribune.com. Whoever it was, they work at a newspaper. The IP address was in Chicago, so perhaps a Chicago newspaper reporter? Very curious…