It pays to be a Republican lackey…

NEWS of the WEIRD – 2006-06-04 — Lead Story

Wheelchair-confined Richard Paey committed almost exactly the same violations of Florida prescription drug laws that radio personality Rush Limbaugh did, with a different result: Limbaugh’s sentence, in May, was addiction treatment, and Paey’s, in 2004, was 25 years in prison. Both illegally possessed large quantities of painkillers for personal use, which Paey defiantly argued was (and will be) necessary to relieve nearly constant pain from unsuccessful spinal surgeries after an auto accident, but which Limbaugh admitted was simply the result of addiction. (In fact, if Limbaugh complies with his plea bargain, his conviction will be erased.) Paey’s sentence now rests with a state Court of Appeal. [Tampa Tribune, 2-8-06]

I thought it was a measure of the justice of our court system that laws and punishment were to be applied equally. Apparently this isn’t so, if you lick enough Republican asses on public radio.


2 Replies to “It pays to be a Republican lackey…”

  1. I think it has less to do with whose ass he licked than with his celebrity status. Everyday celebrities get off easy for things normal people get the book thrown at them for. In this respect, Limbaugh’s no different from any other celebrity.

  2. While that is true, celebrities do seem to suffer reduced penalties on the whole; Rush became a celebrity by way of ass licking. šŸ™‚


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