Blood Money

So, I’m sitting here in Atlanta. We’re at DragonCon, and are supremely happy to be out of Tampa for the weekend. (Well, Nan and I are. Mel is in limbo at the momemt.) Nan is in the shower, and Mel and I are watching the Weather Channel to see how bad of a beating Florida is taking from hurricane Frances. Up pops a commercial for a new commerative coin. It is made in tribute to the World Trade Center and the as of yet unbuilt Freedom Tower. One of the ‘features’ of this coin is that it was made from silver recovered from a vault in the trade center. The world trade center has been a favorite target of terrorists because it was a huge symbol of the economic power that the US has wielded over other countries. The target is hit, thousands die, and silver recovered (probably from one of the very banks used to fincancially force the will of the US on other countries) and it is used for a collector’s coin.

I can’t imagine a coin more bathed in blood than this one. I wonder if they are only making 30 pieces of this particular silver?

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  1. (It took me a while to remember to come and look at these directly.)

    I read this earlier today. I agree with the second half of the statement as to why this is blood money. It was Money used to finance the American Terror Regime where we inflict our false morality on the world.

    I don’t think that the few thousand people who died in the buildings’ collapse make it blood money. It was scary, sure, when it happened.

    I think it’s sick that whoever is issuing the coins is profiting from people’s deaths. I’m very tired of the whole business though. Give Iraq another year and we will have sent more people to their deaths than died in the attacks, so obviously we have a few thousand people to spare.

    However, since all the television snippets and interviews make it sound like everyone who worked there was an angel descended to Earth. I think someone should make a list of people everyone hates and kill them first. Then there wouldn’t need to be all the hoopla in the news.

    Fine. I admit it. I must be evil. It’s really OK for people to have died. The firing squad can now commence.

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