ESP has many meanings. The two most scientific descriptions of this would be:
“Something of which a Human can percieve but is not detectable with the ‘Five Senses’.”
Or, the expanded version “Something of which a Human can percieve but is not detectable with modern scientific apparatus.” When ESP appears in television or books, it is often accompanied with the trappings of mysticism. I suppose that is only natural, for as Aurther C Clark said, “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” The truth is that we just haven’t learned the mechanism, and therefore we can’t devise equipment to detect the presense of such activity.

For me, ESP means doing something incredible to impress dates. 🙂

From 1994 to 1995 I lived in a second floor apartment in a converted victorian in San Francisco. For a few months there was a guy living below me named Trevor. Trevor liked to listen to very loud music. So loud that when my room mate Robin would go down and kick his door Trevor wouldn’t even hear it. Trevor’s ears were for shit. His mind, on the other hand, could hear whispers.

One night the music was loud and I was tired. I started to think about how if the music didn’t quiet down soon I was going to have to go down there, and I wasn’t going to kick on the door. Silence. The music was turned off. I’m sure I dnd’t even think about it that first time. But then, every time I would find myself thinking about my threshold before I was going to go down there the music would silence. It never failed, either to work or to impress dates.

I never did ask Trevor about the timing of his turning off his music. It was never at the same time, but it was always when I thought about my annoyance. I just kind of took the situation for granted. Silly me.

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