Screw you, NameCheap.

A couple years back I took advantage of NameCheap’s “Move your domain day” specials to move from GoDaddy to NameCheap. I was motivated by a couple of things. First was GoDaddy’s effective censoring of by yanking their registration, and second was their CEO’s prolific hunting of endangered animals. So, fuck GoDaddy, I moved to NameCheap.

Today I noticed that I had lost a domain. It was a domain that I had hosted for a friend for nearly 20 years. I perused my email, and I didn’t have a single domain renewal email for this domain in 2015; but when I logged into NameCheap I found a long list of renewal notices that had been logged internally on their system but never delivered by email to my contact email address. When I contacted support @ NameCheap with the request that the delivery issue be tracked down, they actually offered to get my domain back for $10.87. Delighted, I transferred money to my NameCheap account. Within the hour they refunded it. Apparently, the first support agent hadn’t bothered to actually look at the issue, and had fired off some bullshit response that gave me false hope the issue could be rectified. The second agent conceded that they couldn’t get my domain back, and assured me that the problem couldn’t be on their end and I was therefore screwed.

I offered to how them ten years of mail server logs, proving their mail servers hadn’t even had a failed SMTP handshake with mine, if they’d show me their logs they said proved they had emailed me notifications.  Not that it really mattered, as some scumbag domain speculating company snatched up that domain and they aren’t giving it back unless I pay a ton of money.

Bob Parsons is a dick, but I know that GoDaddy will call me directly a dozen times before they let a dime of registration money slip through their fingers. I’d rather deal with a dick than lose another domain.

Screw you, NameCheap.

ps. I’m really sorry Marietta.

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