One step closer to eBook perfection…

This new eBook reader from Barnes & Noble looks fantastic. The ability to loan books to friends is an awesome feature. Now, if someone will just add the ability to resell book licenses then I’ll finally give in to my urge to buy one.

The Nook has the regular black-and-white E Ink display and a 3.5-inch color touchscreen. The latter allows users to browse books. The Nook also comes with built-in WiFi, 2GB of internal storage, MP3 player and supports open formats such as EPUB. Nook users have features such as bookmarks, and the ability to share books with friends for up to a fortnight through other e-readers, smartphones or computers.

via Barnes & Noble Unveils Kindle-Killing, Dual-Screen ‘Nook’ E-Reader Updated | Gadget Lab |


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