Brain’s Problem-solving Function At Work When We Daydream

Brain's Problem-solving Function At Work When We Daydream

ScienceDaily May 12, 2009 — A new University of British Columbia study finds that our brains are much more active when we daydream than previously thought.

The study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, finds that activity in numerous brain regions increases when our minds wander. It also finds that brain areas associated with complex problem-solving – previously thought to go dormant when we daydream – are in fact highly active during these episodes.

“Mind wandering is typically associated with negative things like laziness or inattentiveness,” says lead author, Prof. Kalina Christoff, UBC Dept. of Psychology. “But this study shows our brains are very active when we daydream – much more active than when we focus on routine tasks.”

via Brain’s Problem-solving Function At Work When We Daydream.

If only I’d had this study to slap down on the desk of every teacher who ever got mad at me for daydreaming in class and yet acing their tests. Screw you Miss Lorenzo.



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