I know what Starbuck is, and more…

If you have been watching BSG, then this isn’t really a spoiler. All the clues have been there, so it is just a matter of connecting the dots. If you have not been keeping up with the show, or you just haven’t figured it out and are waiting for show to spell it all out, don’t read any further; or at least don’t bitch at me if you can’t stop yourself from reading.

Starbuck is the first Cylon-Human hybrid. She beat Hera by a couple of decades.

The clues:

Ever since she was a little girl, Starbuck has been drawing and painting something that looks very much like the pre-supernova that marked the way to earth.

Leoben has long sensed that there is something special about Starbuck, but he hasn’t known quite what it is.

Starbuck came back from the supposed grave. Oddly, she died in a storm on a planet they were exploring, and her body wound up on Earth a long way away; and nobody can call that ‘normal’.

Starbuck’s father taught her, as a little girl, the very song that united the ‘final five’ and restored their memory of being Cylon.

Starbuck spent almost an entire episode talking to someone who wasn’t there. Her father. Who can only be a Cylon:

Yes, Starbuck’s father is the ‘Thirteenth Cylon’, long separated from the ‘Twelve Cylons’ much the same way the Thirteenth Colony was removed from the Twelve Colonies. (All this has happened before, and will happen again…) Technically, he is referred to as the Seven, but the symmetry of him being the Thirteenth Cylon revealed to us is too meaningful to ignore. In Episode 15 of Season 4, it was revealed that the ‘final five’ helped the Cylons build eight humanoid Cylons. They referred to the missing Cylon model as “Daniel”. Daniel is described as artistic. Music is an Art. The amniotic fluid used to grow the Daniel copies was poisoned, and the DNA template was corrupted; but I think the original Danial escaped and lived as Starbuck’s father. At least, that is where he lived until Starbuck’s mom tried to make him give up music and he left.

So, where did he go after the split? I have an idea about that too. I think he moved on, and had at least one other child. At least one other Human-Cylon is out there. One that also has conversations with people who are not there, which was explained in Episode 16 as ‘Cylon Projection’. Yes, you guessed it: Baltar

Baltar was considered the genius of his generation, far smarter than other humans.

Baltar has mental conversations with a Caprica 6 Cylon who isn’t there, just like Starbuck.

Caprica 6, real and projected, feels that Baltar is special; much the same way Leoben feels about Starbuck.

Baltar and Starbuck are Human-Cylon hybrids. It’s the only thing that explains their strange experiences and maintains narrative consistency.

As further support of the link between Hera and Starbuck, as fellow half-breeds: Hera just happens to draw on a piece of paper the notes to the song that Starbuck’s dad is trying to coax from here memory as they sit at the piano. The very song that makes the Final Five come running over to her demanding to know where she learned it.

Oh, one more thing… That makes Baltar and Starbuck are half-brother/half-sister to each other.

Anyone want to bet a shot of scotch on it?


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  1. Very interesting theories!
    I like 🙂
    I actually did wonder about what made the two of them so unique.

      1. If you check the date of the post against the timeline of the show’s original air dates, you will see that I made this post _before_ that particular revelation was made. It was a prediction, and you are right, it was wrong. Frankly, I like my answer better than the total cop-out the writers took my taking every loose thread in the series and just saying “God did it”. That was more disappointing than the last season of LOST.

      2. I concur
        He doesn’t explain how Cylon 6 sees Baltar. Or…was that the “mold” for Cylon 6 snd she was seeing Baltar?
        Nope…still lots of holes

  2. Hmm… was thinking something similar with Starbuck, but not so sure on Baltar. In so many other ways, the two couldn’t be more different.

    Only a few more episodes… and… then we’ll have to wait for a movie! 🙂

  3. I’ve thought this for some time now myself.
    I hope we’re right.
    I’d love to be right about one of these things for a change.

    By the way …
    Starbuck and Baltar do not need to be similar at all.
    Even siblings with the same parents are very different.
    And what are the odds that Starbuck and Baltar have the same Mom.

    Does Rosalyn project?
    Could she be a Cylon too?

    If this has all happened before and will all happen again.

    Who’s to say that there isn’t Cylon DNA in the human genome period.

    We’re all Cylons.

    I mean they.
    They are all Cylons.

    (Dumb stupid blurring reality with fiction.)
    — Duder

  4. Damn it… I was SOOOOOOO wrong. But, then, I never expected a great science fiction show like this re-imaging of BattleStar Galactica to take such a complete fraking cop-out at the end.

    Starbuck still doesn’t make sense: God did it!

    Why does Rosalyn share a dream with the cylons: God did it!

    Every loose thread: God did it!

    Bah! That final episode soured the whole damn series for me.


    1. True! As a Battlestar Galactica fan, of both BSG-TOS, as well as this revised series, the final episode was a real buzz-kill in tying up loose-ends and answering any questions I had. Instead, it left me hanging with so many plot holes to make it look like swiss cheese.

      I hope yo don’t mind, but I’m going to go with your version of tying things all together. At least your reasoning provides a much needed explanation for me. Thank you for posting.

  5. What about Starbuck and Baltar sleeping together in season one or two..can’t remember. That’s pretty gross….

  6. Baltar had a father an old farmer, he is shown alive in one of the episodes, he liked farming not music… that pretty much spoils your Baltar theory, however, I thought myself Daniel could be Starbuck’s father, but it could not have been that way since it would have catastrophic consequences on the rest of the story line, since Hera then was not important and didn’t require saving…

    Using real input from the series you can just say “it was in God’s plan” that Starbuck father played that song and Kara Thrace is in fact an angel which was merely given the tools to help human kind and the harbinger of death to the Cylons she took them to their end, since they could not reproduce and they didn’t know how to build another hub, even the ones that stayed on earth since they could only reproduce with a human being.

    Also Kara vanished in the end of the series, unless this half Cylons can teleport your theory doesn’t fit, the facts.

    1. Dude… Dude… Dude… Perhaps you didn’t notice that I wrote my post before the final episode was shown. I was speculating about the path of the show before they ruined it with the whole ‘God Did It’ finale. Frankly, that last episode spoiled the entire series for me. Throwing God into the story line lets them throw logic out the window and do whatever the hell they want, which is exactly what they did. Bastards.

        1. Sadly, in the end, the writers decided to punt on everything and just say “God did it” for all the unresolved threads.

          Kara was apparently an Angel, which just made total sense since nowhere in the show had there been any indication of Angels in their mythology.

  7. I know it’s been 3 years since the finale but I was watching the series again (4th time) and I wanted to say to CrisKnight that I thought the same things about Kara as you (little iffy on the Baltar stuff) I really wish it would have turned out that way as it would have made for a much better thought out ending. Your right that the angel stuff has no basis in this Galactica universe.

  8. I just saw the last episode. Thank you, your theories are similar to mine. Just desagree the Baltar-Hibrid Theory, but the rest makes sense. But the Viper and where Kara were “remade” remains a mistery, as her vanishment. Do the series CAPRICA give any hint?

    1. All of my theories were blown to smoke by the finale. The whole series was ruined for me by the way they decided to tie together all the loose ends with mystic claptrap. 🙁

  9. Why does it blow all of your theories to hell? In ‘Someone To Watch Over Me,’ Starbuck’s father disappears in /exactly the same way/ that Starbuck does in the series finale. While it could be argued that Daniel is a projection and that’s why only Starbuck sees him, it’s been proven that even projections are seen only by those who the projections want to be seen by (the various Six/Baltar projections/angels are only seen by one Cylon in an instance in which more than one Cylon or what have you is present). Remember, too, that seen or unseen, those angels/projections can manipulate and be present in reality — Baltar is literally lifted off the ground by one, with many, many human witnesses. We see that it doesn’t even look like he’s standing up on his own — he’s lifted up off of his feet at one point!

    Kara never physically came back. We see her dead body. She was projecting the entire time. “God did it” is the simple answer for the characters, but that doesn’t make it the truth.

    1. The answer that Spider gave has finally given me closure. Starbuck was a projection after she died! Too bad the writers couldn’t have shown her with the Balter and Caprica projections in NY at the very end. The ending of this series was just soo sloppy.

      Now I just have one last nagging question about the series conclusion that I have yet to find: why did everyone 100% agree to abandon all of their technology? I can accept theories about the many other loose ends of this series, but this last ones stumps me.

      1. I agree that completely discarding all existing technology except the clothes on your back and a small carry pack makes no sense. And they didn’t exactly explain how the shuttles were to be discarded/destroyed either.

        The only plot reasons I can see for such a decision is that it:

        1) It slows down how quickly the cycle of it “all happened before and will all happen again” by resetting the (re)invention of all tools back to the start of using only wood and stone tools. Unlike the space faring human colonies that re-arose in the 2,000 years after the Cylon Earth was nuked, the Human Earth has now taken 150,000+ years to regain the ability for a very basic space program that is essentially still stuck in low Earth orbit, and things like jump engines remain only sci-fi dreams. I can’t buy that everyone in the fleet would voluntarily give up absolutely all technology and go on a permanent camping trip, just to slow down the redevelopment of an advanced technological society capable of mass destruction yet again. They didn’t feel the need to drop technology on New Caprica, so why now on Earth?

        2) The only way to leave no artifacts for archaeologists to find, even after 150,000 years, is to not put them on the planet in the first place. If the DNA of the “Lucy bones” can still be found after all that time, remnants of advanced materials from ships and tools would certainly have survived as well. Leaving technology completely out of picture is the only way to believably support the lack of modern day historical evidence that Space Beings showed up out of the blue, interbred with pre-humans, and thus became the basis for modern humans. Not allowing any prior technology also reinforces the “scary” foretelling of how Humans have once again started to develop robots that will eventually restart the mechanical Cylon story line again.

      2. Basic answer that they abanded tech is Lee and his father felt a clean slate was important. The other reason is that TOS had a quasi religion in it & the Von Danikin “Ancient Astronauts” ideas that evolution to full human and even bursts of tech break through at a time happened because ancient astronauts helped. TOS has to be looked at through those lenses and new BSG borrowed heavily from that

  10. I thought exactly the same things about Starbuck! The music, her father being the 13th cylon, the obsession about her, the way she could fly their ship, etc. But I did not see Baltar…that was a good catch.
    Maybe too many people thought this, because the writers ended up with something so bad, trying to out think everyone that it made NO sense. I was very disappointed with the final season.

  11. Ok so the entire cycle has all HAPPENED BEFORE and will all happen again, this means that Starbuck is part cylon and that Baltar is part cylon because Hera was the beginning of the entire modern human race which meant that at least one cycle of this which means that humans were already at least half cylon and through normal genetics Baltar inherited more cylon than human and I do agree on Starbucks father being number 7 but since she had much more cylon she could project much more and was already downloaded into the network of the hub so she could project to everyone, and then eventually the new modern robots will go through the cycle and lead to a shorter version of the same cycle, this will continue to happen until robots and humans are closer than ever to where humans are 99.9% cylon and can breed with pure machine cylons thus ending the cycle

  12. The symmetry between Gaius and Starbuck: they were both halfbreeds. Gaius had a cylon mother, his dad we meet and he is human. Starbuck has human mother and cylon father. They are only related through DNA – both being “siblings” of the same race (new human/cylon race).

  13. Just thinking that the truth to the story may never actually be revealed. Based on the time it took, (4 seasons) my guess this story could have lasted another 3-4 seasons before going tits up and leaving us in the exact same predicament. Lost for words after just finishing the series for the 12th time. Maybe I’m the 13th cylon….. sure to be dead before the next time this series is remade or picked up after its last episode. So glad covid is diminishing, i need to get out of the house and stop watching so much tv.

  14. Okay so I am just about done with my second or third rewatch of BSG and I also recently posted this exact same theory on a Facebook BSG page, because it’s exactly what I’ve thought for many years. On this rewatch (which has taken a couple months) I’ve been on the lookout for confirmations. There are many. I also just now saw the Cara and Dad episode., and after I ran across this page while poking around to see who else thought so.
    There is so much that supports this, but only Starbuck vanishing somewhat ruins it. Starbuck vanishing into thin air is just dumb. I don’t even care what RDR himself says about this, I’m certain that this was the plot plan all along and then they made a quick last minute change, for the worse. Baltar and Starbuck and hybrids.

    Here’s my recent fb summary/argument:

    This isn’t exactly canon (and isn’t exactly not canon, because they didn’t explain much) but in my mind one or more of the missing Cylons that Tigh’s tart mentions, known as “Daniel,” escaped Cavil’s destruction. Then went off to live with humans, and fathered at least two hybrid children: Baltar and Starbuck. Maybe it wasn’t the same Daniel (Starbuck was born on Caprica, Baltar on the farming planet) but in my mind they were both more original hybrids than Hera. Remember how Baltar and his Dad hated each other? That’s because he wasn’t really his Dad, and Baltar didn’t know that. And Starbucks Dad just disappeared (also fits, maybe a Cavil found him on Caprica and took him out. There’s a good plot for an episode.

    That’s why she was a better pilot and a better shot than any other human, why she had her visions, and why she was able to decipher the coordinates for new earth/this earth from Hera’s dots while projecting with her piano-playing Cylon dad. Who else projects besides Cylons and Cylon hybrids? It’s also why Baltar can project, and why he was mentally miles ahead of any other human. Yeah I know that makes them half siblings and then they hooked up once… ships passing in the night. But this explains everything, except when Starbuck vanished into thin air at the end. I guess she could’ve been a human/Cylon hybrid and still been “an angel,” as that’s no less stupid than a fully human vanishing angel. But anyway, that’s my theory.

    The things I don’t buy about the ending are:
    – vanishing Starbuck (this was just dumb)
    – the people voluntarily giving up all their tech on a virgin world (nobody stopped to think: but then what happens to us this winter?) and flying all their ships into the sun. I don’t believe they would do that. Certainly not with a consensus.
    – Adama left Galactica last, he flew down to new earth on his old Viper. Where is that Viper? Not in the sun. You could postulate that he hung around until he got old and sick, or bored, and then his last act was to fly the Viper into the sun, however….
    – He also flew around earth with Rosalyn later, in a Raptor. Same question about that ship.

    So the ending is a little frakked up in my mind, but mostly it was okay.

  15. [PART 2]
    I guess this makes me a fanboy but I’ve struggled to figure out the ending and to not hate it. I basically came up with the same conclusion as you, that they made it all up in haste to attempt to make it look not wrong. That didn’t really work.

    Instead, they could’ve landed some of the big ships and kept them as shelters like they did on New Caprica. People would’ve move out of the metal cans eventually (like they did on NC) and the ships would’ve rotted away eventually too, anyway. So the mere existence of the ships on that planet wouldn’t foul up the (also hokey) big “fresh start” plan. They still had at least one Viper and one Raptor down there anyway, as I pointed out.

    I think the Baltar and Starbuck are really the first known hybrids theory was their plan all along, and then some last minute writers room changes to make the finale look right fouled all that up and led to the story that they made.

    All they really needed was to insert a statement into some dialogue and say that “ships meant for space will only last a couple hundred years in an atmosphere” and they could’ve entirely skipped the unbelievable detail of flying all their tech into the sun. And just let Starbuck live. Maybe she downloaded and then the resurrection hub made a new body for her too, so she wouldn’t need to entirely be a manifestation of god’s will. Those two changes would’ve dropped the needle on my Hokey-O-Meter back out of the red zone

  16. But I won’t bitch too much, as RDR did make the best show ever mostly out of thin air. My only complaint is it’s like eating the best steak you ever had but the very last bite was mostly a big wad of gristle. Still the best steak ever, though.

  17. Re: Hera’s bones were found, but no ships or tech. That’s probably why the changed the ending, but could’ve left that out too. Also: people bury bones, and not so much old rusty spaceships. At least I think they would not bury spaceships.

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