The International Rule Against Stealing Images

There once was a website called “The International Rules” where the owner posts his ‘rules’ on life. He says he is going to turn his rules into a published book. He also deep-linked a picture of me into one of his posts without proper attribution. Such things garner my retribution. mod_rewrite is my friend, and Gilbert is my bitch.

I wonder, will he publish this page (NSFW now that I’ve had my way with it) in his book as-is?



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  1. First, I noticed your pic and left it that way because I thought it was funny. It was vortexey. I gave it a good run and changed it later. Second, I wasn’t publishing the general Rules into a book. If you read the site with the same fervor with which you claim I am your bitch, you would have known that. Only approximately 5-6 of the Rules on the site will be published — and they specifically suggested as such. Third, none of the pictures on my site are in the book. In fact, the book has no pictures. Fourth, I DEFINITELY attributed deep links where I could and had the information to do so. Do you think I’m retarded? I could have just ripped the picture and uploaded it as necessary and you wouldn’t have known the difference. Instead, I linked it so that people would have somewhere to go when they clicked on the photograph. That said, Google is where I got the link from, not your site. And though I’m not as savvy as you — after all, bitches are as bitches do — I thought I was doing all I could.

    That said, the book is done and the site has since gone private. Feel free to cache your heart out before it’s too late.

    In the meantime, I genuinely, genuinely appreciate you visiting the site, even if it’s under these circumstances. Your anger and ridiculousness grew my audience significantly more than a non-attributed pic.


    1. Hey Gilbert! Glad you finally figured out that the original picture didn’t come from Google, even if “Google is where I got the link from, not your site”. Only took you six months, which is far less than I expected for you. Just so ya know, there was no ‘anger’ involved, and you don’t have to explain how your ‘book’ works because I frankly don’t care. You might want to look up the word ‘snarky’, as it will give you greater insight as to what little thought I had about you as I spent the ten seconds required to punk you.

      Good luck with any future endeavors, especially if any of them include you taking the time to learn a little netiquette. Perhaps you could start here:

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