You can’t prove things you just made up…

They really, really want to believe.

Also for sale were laser pointers and flashlights, but Mutual UFO Network spokesman Alejandro Rojas said it may not be a good idea to shine a flashlight directly at a flying saucer. That's what the Maine fishermen did in 1976, he said, and it made the aliens mad enough that they abducted the fishermen, who haven't been heard from since.

"We don't recommend that you use the flashlight to initiate alien contact," Rojas said. "You could be in trouble."

If the fishermen were abducted, and never heard from again, how can anyone state for a fact that they were abducted because they shined a flashlight at a UFO? Making these kinds of statements, demonstrating seriously flawed logic, is why the ‘believers’ come off as kooks.

I am not saying that I don’t believe in life on other planets, but I don’t prop up my beliefs with fabricated facts.



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