Nobody can ever use the ‘geek defense’ again. Thanks Hans, you asshole.

Mel and I both read the sfgate blog while the trial was going on. There were lots of things that Mr Reiser did that the prosecution found suspicious, but which made perfect sense to me and Mel. If I were suspected of a crime, and I found a GPS tracking unit on my car, I’d disable it too; whether I was guilty or innocent. (OK, to be honest, I’d transfer it to another car.) Being the intelligent and inquisitive people that we are, we’d probably read up on investigation techniques. As for pulling the batteries out of cell phones, I’d do it too if I thought government agencies were actively using mine to track me. (Let’s not even get into the likelihood that that data is already being logged for potential future review. There is a downside to storage having gotten so cheap…)

Mel an I were appalled that several of the jurors convicted on the basis that he didn’t seem sorry for what happened to his wife. From Mel and I’s perspective, they never proved she was dead; so what was there to be remorseful about? If he honestly believed she ran off to Russia, I would expect him to be pissed at being framed rather than sorry for something the prosecution couldn’t even prove happened. (As far as I know, they never did find the person with whom she opened that joint bank account.)

But, all that rationalization (and worse, identifying with) flew out the window today. The bastard did it, and he took the cops to the body. Buried in the woods behind where I used to live.

For all his ‘I’m special, so make allowances for me’ at the trial, I hope they lock him up and throw away the key. Hans Reiser makes geeks look bad.

Hans Reiser leads police to body, believed to be his wife
Henry K. Lee, Chronicle Staff Writer
Monday, July 7, 2008

07-07 18:32 PDT OAKLAND — Convicted murderer Hans Reiser led police today to what is believed to be the body of his wife, Nina, in Redwood Regional Park in the Oakland hills, authorities said.

The remains were found about 4 p.m. today buried next to a deer trail in the park, said Reiser s defense attorney, William Du Bois, who accompanied his client to the site.

They were joined by Oakland police, prosecutor Paul Hora and Alameda County district attorney s Inspector Bruce Brock, Du Bois said.

Authorities have gathered at a home at 8222 Skyline Blvd. to receive the remains.

Officer Roland Holmgren, Oakland police spokesman, said the body has not been identified. A news conference is scheduled for Tuesday.

Reiser, 44, was convicted by an Alameda County jury April 28 after a six-month trial in which the combative software programmer testified over 11 days that he was innocent of killing his 31-year-old wife, who had not been seen since Sept. 3, 2006.

Reiser is scheduled to be sentenced Wednesday and faces a maximum of 25 years to life. There was speculation that if Reiser led police to his wife s body, he could receive a reduced sentence.

Du Bois declined to address that issue in detail today, saying, We don t know. Talk to the DA.

But the defense attorney added, We re just trying to improve our position at this point.

Du Bois CONFIRMed that he and others had been urging Reiser to reveal the LOCATION of her body for some time. We ve talked a very long time about the subject – not only myself, but many other people, Du Bois said.


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