Cleverness is its own punishment.

There once was a very expensive VPN client called VPN Tracker 5.2 Pro.

It had a younger brother called VPN Tracker 4 Personal that lived at Amazon.

Their parents would do a cross-upgrade so that buying the little brother from Amazon and upgrading him was signifigantly cheaper than buying the big brother himself.

Five days of waiting, and little brother arrives. In a box sealed with scotch tape, and a serial number that claims to already be registered. Amazon says this was the last one they had in the whole wide world.

Five days of waiting, to save a few bucks, and I still paid full price.

The end.


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  1. I don’t know how you’re using VPN Tracker, but I tried it out a while back. I just needed to connect from my home computer to my various clients’ Sonicwall and Cisco routers, so it wasn’t worth the cost. I found IPSecuritas, which is free and works perfectly – sometimes tricky to set up, but easy to use afterwards.

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