Bush and Bible Prophesy, I Finally Understand

Bush has said he is doing God’s work. Rational people see this is a sign of dangerous insanity. People have delusions, and not all of them are bad; but today I realized just how Bush thinks he is doing God’s Work

Bush is playing the role of the Anti-Christ, and he takes great delight in standing in front of crowds with his bluster and his swagger, literally talking people into following him to their own doom.

First Bush brought us War. He’s done a good job there. With school yard taunts he has convinced a nation they are ‘chicken’ if they don’t rush head first over a cliff with him. Maybe we should have a country-wide screening of the second two episodes of the Back to the Future franchise; the country needs to remember that the opinion of the school bully doesn’t mean squat.

Bush now sets the stage for Famine: With just a little political maneuvering, under the guise of creating more jobs, the Bush Empire wants to bring one of the deadliest livestock diseases right into the heartland of America. You don’t need to study history to understand how incredibly dangerous, and stupid, this is. All you need to do is Google “Britain hoof and mouth outbreak” and read one or two of the articles. The British government had to slaughterer 6 million sheep, cows and pigs to contain the outbreak, a mere seven years ago. For over fifty years the US government has studied this disease on an island off the coast of NY, and there is no good reason to bring this deadly disease onto the mainland. Unless you want to keep your horsemen close.

I don’t believe in the Anti-Christ. I don’t believe that if you were to, shudder, examine Bush from head to toe that you would find a birthmark that looks like 666. I don’t believe that God, or Satan, talks to Bush and assures him he is doing the right thing.

I do believe in delusions. I believe that a person with dangerous delusions, and immense political power, is far more dangerous than if there were a real Anti-Christ whose only weapon is a forked tongue offering temptation.

Dangerous Animal Virus on US Mainland?
By LARRY MARGASAK, Associated Press Writer
Friday, April 11, 2008
04-11 06:37 PDT WASHINGTON, AP —

The Bush administration is likely to move its research on one of the most contagious animal diseases from an isolated island laboratory to the U.S. mainland near herds of livestock, raising concerns about a catastrophic outbreak.

Skeptical Democrats in Congress are demanding to see internal documents they believe highlight the risks and consequences of the decision. An epidemic of the disease, foot and mouth, which only affects animals, could devastate the livestock industry.

One such government report, produced last year and already turned over to lawmakers by the Homeland Security Department, combined commercial satellite images and federal farm data to show the proximity to livestock herds of locations that have been considered for the new lab. “Would an accidental laboratory release at these locations have the potential to affect nearby livestock?” asked the nine-page document. It did not directly answer the question.

A simulated outbreak of the disease — part of an earlier U.S. government exercise called “Crimson Sky” — ended with fictional riots in the streets after the simulations National Guardsmen were ordered to kill tens of millions of farm animals, so many that troops ran out of bullets. In the exercise, the government said it would have been forced to dig a ditch in Kansas 25 miles long to bury carcasses. In the simulation, protests broke out in some cities amid food shortages.

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