Fixing check_snmp_cisco_ifstatus

I’ll flesh this out later, but if you are having problems with the check_snmp_cisco_ifstatus plugin for nagios, and you are getting errors like the one below, you need to make a couple of tweaks.

**ePN failed to compile /usr/lib64/nagios/plugins/check_snmp_cisco_ifstatus: Global symbol script requires explicit package name at (eval 7) line 30,

Right after the line that reads use Getopt::Std; you need to add the following three statements:

my ($oid_sysDescr,$community,$s,$e,$oid_temp,

our ($opt_c,$opt_C,$opt_h,$opt_H,$opt_w,$opt_i);


The short story is that Nagios has moved to used re-compiled perl, and as a security feature they insert several strictness policies regarding variable handling. You can disable this via nagios.cfg in version 3.0, but config template for 2.0 doesn’t have this option and I haven’t had a chance to try the setting anyways just to see what happens.

Verbose documentation regarding how this affects your plugins can be found here:

Nagios 2.x
Nagios 3.x


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