Religion != Science

Galileo and Copernicus struggled for naught. For all our scientific progress, for all the world that we do understand, we have proven ourselves again and again to be little more than ignorant savages looking up at the stars and calling the random patterns of stars ‘Gods’.

Science and Religion should have the same separation as ‘Church and State’. They are different realms, with little that one can offer the other. Religion is about faith, belief and interpretation; it does not require, or suffer, reason. Science is about observation, repeatable tests, logical analysis, and it does not suffer guesses. There is little room for overlap, and really that is the way it should be.

Needless to say, Religions benefit from the separation of Church and State. Imagine if churches had to prove there is a Heaven in order to meet the Truth in Advertising laws? Likewise, they benefit from not having to pay takes on the ‘donations’ they request (tithe) from their parishioners. (Isn’t tithe another word for tax?)

On the flip side of that separation, the state should not have to teach superstitious (like ghosts and luck, you can’t ‘prove’ religion) dogma as ‘science’. The state should be restricted to teaching things that can be proven.

Is that too much to ask?

The Gradebook | – St. Petersburg Times and tbt
And the decision is …

Evolution officially is a “scientific theory” in Floridas curriculum.

The State Board of Education narrowly adopted new science standards with the added language, with some members saying the decision will leave the idea open to questions by students, while others contended the wording is a clear attempt by creationists to water down science instruction.

The vote was 4-3, with Chairman T. Willard Fair and members Linda Taylor, Phoebe Raulerson and Kathleen Shanahan in support.


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