Fun with Mazda Customer Service

A few weeks ago I called Mazda Customer Support to get the procedure for a Lemon Law Return on my crappy 2007 RX-8 GT. The call went like this:

Me: Hi, I’d like to inquire about the procedure for returning my car under the Lemon Law.

Him: Let me get your name, VIN, and the dealership where your car is.

Me: [supply information]

Him: OK, let’s see if there is anything we can do to get this repaired for you.

Me: I’m sorry, you seem to have misundersood; I wish to return my vehicle. I am tired of having Mazda try to fix it. You’ve had more than three attempts, and my car has spend more than 30 days in the shop. Under California law my car qualifies as a lemon.

Him: Well, I guess we’ll see what your letter says.

Me: Letter?

Him: Yes, your letter.

Me: What letter?

Him: Since you are not interested in fixing your car you need to file your complaint in writing.

Me: You could have just said that from the beginning. I specifically called to ask what the procedure is, and then you can’t just tell me?

Him: I’m sorry, there is nothing more I can do until I see your letter.

Me: You can’t even talk to me now?

Him: No.

And this is how my interactions started with them. Instead of just telling me what the procedure is, he has to cryptically mention ‘the letter’ instead of flat out saying I need to write one. He didn’t even have the courtesy to spell out what I needed to put in the letter.

It hasn’t gotten any better…


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