Don’t argue facts with an irate customer…

So, Mazda USA finally called me today in regards to my Lemon 2007 RX-8 GT. William had been reviewing my case, and wanted to know if there was anything Mazda could do to compensate me, rather than buying the car back. I suppose the first thing he could have done was to not keep trying to weasel down the amount of time my car had been in the shop. Part of the conversation went like this:

(Paraphrased, as I didn’t record the conversation.)

William: So, let’s say that your car has spent two months in the shop, even though it was less than that…

Me: [interrupting] Excuse me? It has been in the shop for 58 days for this problem alone, not counting all of the other warranty work. My car has spent more than two months in the shop!

William: OK, for the sake of argument, let’s say 90 days, even though it hasn’t.

Well, William, the moment I got off the phone with you I dug out my service history and entered most of the warranty tickets into a spreadsheet. Most, because I gave Mazda a little grace for the first time they failed to install the shock sensor for my alarm. Guess what? My car has spent ninety-five (95!!!!!) days in the shop since I bought it. Bloody near 1/4 of the time since purchase has been spent in the shop for warranty work.

Compensate? Buy this damn car back and let’s be done with it!



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