Locked and Unloaded

Two weeks ago I was a T-Mobile user. I had been a T-Mobile user since 2003, and I’ve been reasonably happy. Fairly decent coverage, international service, etc. Over the years I’d had Cellular One, Sprint, and T-Mobile; and all things considered I was happier with T-Mobile thatnI had been with previous carriers.

Two weeks ago I bought an iPhone. I transferred my number from T-Mobile, and off went my old phone. I rather like my iPhone. Every the thing the iPhone does it does well, even though I feel it lacks some rather basic features. (Hint: If you are going to send me an SMS to tell me that there was an undeliverable MMS could you at least link the message into Safari so I can easily retrieve the damn picture? Of the five SMS messages that told me how to retrieve a MMS from a web page, none of them have worked!)

Today, I landed in Roatan Honduras. This place is incredible. I’m already thinking of buying a condo here. But… My fracking iPhone, locked to AT&T, doesn’t work. All my friends, who have T-Mobile, have working phones.

So, there is another thing the iPhone does NOT do well: International travel.

Frak. (Updated. Thank you Luis.)

Update: Turns out it was partially my fault, partially AT&T stupidity. I needed to call AT&T and turn on international service before I left for my vacation. The part that seems stupid to me is that AT&T doesn’t have it set it up so that customers that are not subscribed to international service could at least dial 611 and turn it on.

You are warned: Be sure to turn on international service before you flee from the coming police state.


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  1. That’s a bummer. I have Verizon, I hate all cellular companies, but this has the best coverage. No one has coverage in the mountains around here. Yesterday we went to Graves Mountain for Richards’s Dad’s wedding. No coverage. In my opinion, they all got something that pisses me off.

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