Jerk that Knee, Home Depot…

Man Says Home Depot Fired Workers For Catching Thieves – Yahoo News

A former Home Depot employee said the company fired him and three other workers because they helped police catch several suspected shoplifters in May.

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I am the first to admit that I really didn’t like Home Depot’s door receipt procedure. It made me feel like a thief, for doing nothing more than buying their merchandise. I’ve written about how it bugs me, other people have written about how it bugs them, and some of those people linked back to my post. So, I would say that the disdain for the door receipt checking guard was fairly wide spread.

I’ve been to Home Depot a few times lately. I’ve noticed that the door guard checking receipts is gone. I asked someone at Home Depot about it, and they said the contract for that service had expired. They didn’t mention whether or not it was a policy change. I, for one, am gload to see them gone. Customers should not be treated like thieves.

On the other hand, thieves should be treated like thieves. If you spot someone actually stealing something, you should be able to stop them. Seems that Home Depot has gone off the deep end in the other direction, and you can get fired for stopping someone from stealing.

Home Depot needs to understand that there is a middle ground. Apparently they are unfamiliar with the “Shopkeeper’s Privilege“. While it is unreasonable to treat all customers like thieves, it is perfectly reasonable to detain someone for which there is a reasonable belief that they have committed a crime.

Home Depot, your word for today is: Balance

-Chris Knight

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