Not satisfied with the HEROES Finale?

Not satisfied with the HEROES Finale?
Posted by Frosty

My two favorite TV shows had their finales last week and while one completely blew my mind Lost, the other was a huge disappointment Heroes.

My biggest gripe with the finale of “Heroes” had to be the lack of a kick ass battle which had everyone involved. The show spent all season long talking about this big moment and when it finally happened, all they could come up with was a short, meaningless battle that resolved nothing. The finale should’ve been where all the characters came together and joined a common cause – defeating Sylar. Instead we had a lot of wasted time and some pretty bad dialogue. And I know that I wasn’t alone thinking “Heroes” let the fans down.

So if you felt like I did… I‘ve got something cool for you to read. I’ll call it the “Heroes” WHAT IF finale.

If you liked Heroes when it started, you should go and read the above article. The mental picture I get while reading the proposed “what if” ending is much better than the real thing.

-Chris Knight

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