Party Membership does’t always mean Party Corruption

In high school we learned about Democrats and Republicans in civics class. I identified with the Republicans, until Reagan got into office and Republicans started pushing government backed morality… How does the ‘smaller government’ party justify injecting themselves into people’s private lives? Any hypocritical way they can…

Do I want the Democrats using my money to fund social programs for people who would rather be on the dole than working? No fracking way.

The Green Party is too idealogical to be practical, and the Libertarians think that trimming back the government to the barest bones and letting the free market rule, despite a hundred years of history of large companies turning evil when not heavily policed, is the best policy. I’m not against small government, but I am practical enough to realize that population densities in this country are too high to exist without some governmental presence.

For the record I despise the ‘Bushies’, and all the other Republicans that think that party loyalty is more important than upholding the ideals of the constitution. (For the record, I also despise Democrats that do so as well.) But there is one Republican candidate for President that is reviving my high school nostalgia for the republical party as an ideal: Ron Paul

Hid voting record is consistently in-line with the ideals set out in the Constitution, and he speaks what he knows to be true and doesn’t back down just to save a little face. Watch this interview. He is given the chance, several times, to back away from statements that he made, that were accurate but not ‘party line’, and he stands firm. There are NO other Republican candidates willing to do that. (As for the Democrats, just watch any interview where Mrs. Clinton dodges questions about her vote on the Iraq war…)

The two best candidates in the race so far are Mike Gravel (D) and Ron Paul (R). If there is any real karmic justice in the Universe they will each win their respective primaries and then no matter who wins we’ll have a decent American and Human Being in the Oval Office. (My gods, I bet that room will take a five pound bag of sage to properly cleanse…)

-Chris Knight

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