Why yes, I am a bastard.

Hello,I’ll be glad to inform you that I have a part time job going on,we are looking for a Male or Female representative,who can be working for us as a partime worker and get ($300) on every work u do. and we are happy to inform you that this would not affect your present state of work.

Chris Knight
Thank you for contacting me. I already have a side job. I have a buddy at Yahoo who buys me a beer every time I give him a spamming/scamming ID that he can delete and add to his weekly performance index. Congrats, your account has about 20 minutes of life left.

I didn’t even have to add this person to my ignore list… They just went away on their own… 😉

-Chris Knight

I use Amazon affiliate links in some of my posts. I think it is fair to say my writing is not influenced by the $0.40 I earned in 2022.