Using Macs to sell Winblows-Only software

I can’t speak for you, but I think that Apple makes the damn sexiest laptops around. Obviously, it works for Apple. They are 60% awesome computer and 40% fashion accessory. Style sells a lot of computers for Apple. Other companies recognize this. What is amusing is when a windows-only software company recognizes this, and uses an image of a Apple Powerbook G4 laptop to promote themselves; despite the fact that the software they sell will not run on a Mac.

In this particular case I am speaking about Main Street Software, Inc. They sell a Mary Kay specific accounting system, which my mother happens to use. I’m planning on buying a new computer for my mother, and I would like it to be a Mac; so I went to their site to see if they are offering a Mac OS X version of their software. When I saw the home page image my hopes soared, since the plainly visible Mac laptop would seem to indicate to me Mac support. Alas, their product requirements indicate otherwise. They just like the style.

What, you suggest that this is a MacBook Pro booted into Windows? Nope. A close inspection of the image shows a ‘discolored’ area on the side of the screen near the top. In the PowerBook G4 series this was rubber cover over the AirPort and Blue Tooth antennas. Also, the MacBook Pro has a built in iSight camera and would not need the external iSight that is shown in the picture.

I know, it’s probably just some stock photo they bought from Corbis. Still, you would think that someone at the company would actually look at their website and notice the oddity. They are a software company after all, so you expect them to be somewhat aware of the misleading nature of their home page.

Chris Knight

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