Boss Ranch Hunts – THE place for sick motherfuckers

My life is blessed with knowing a fair number of exceptional individuals. For that reason I tend to ‘far see’ into the future and imagine the amazing things life will have to offer just around the corner. One in a while though, I am reminded just how low and pathetic the human race can be as a species. I share 99.99% of the genetic material of some pretty disgusting monkeys, and it sickens me.

I was using Feedster to find recent blog entries on prairie dogs, and I encountered a blog at about the Plight of the Prairie Dog. The entry itself was fine, but the google ads displayed on the page were something altogether different.One of the google ads read like this:

Trophy Prairie Dog Hunts
Hundreds of Acres of Prairie Dog Towns for Hunting in West Texas!

These people have a page on their website specifically about shooting prairie dogs. These sick bastards actually say “This hunt is available anytime of the year, although the summer months are the best time. The prairie dog pups are still young and untrained to the effects of hollow points.” Exactly how inbred does a person have to be in order for this to seem like fun? One of their photos shows a dead prairie dog hanging just below a sign proclaiming membership in the “Texas Wildlife Association”. Texas must be the land of double-speak if an organization named “Texas Wildlife Association” condones the use of hollow points on prairie dog pups and allows their signs to be used in this type of photo.

If there is one thing that did come of this sickening encounter it is that I have taken the time to learn how to block ads in Adsense from ever showing up on my site. I may have cost these bastards a few bucks as well, with all my click-throughs to make sure I had all their URLs for the various ads that came up on the perlgurl site. 🙂

For the record, I don’t have a problem with hunting for food. I have a problem with senseless violence for sport.

Please, let me know if any twisted ads show up in the ads below so that I can block them:
[I have temporarily removed the ads from this entry, as Google Adsense does not yet seem to be honoring my exclusion list. I may need to give it time to process.]

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