LOST Speculations – Primal Not?

So, they sneak through the woods not making a sound, not leaving tracks, and not wearing shoes… But then there is Goodwin in S02E07. He talks, he participates, he uses tools, and he knows why only the ‘good ones’ were taken. He appears to be one of “The Others”.

This gives the impression that the jungle dwellers are not primitive/primal, when forced by circumstance to interact with the crash survivors. If this is true, then perhaps I’m wrong about the jungle dwellers being a different group from the kidnappers on the boat.


Unless Goodwin is a member of the Dharma Initiative and his role was to play ‘keeper’ for the jungle dwellers. Perhaps it is part of his role to protect the jungle dwellers. He knows why there was a list, and why only the ‘good’ ones were taken.

“Nathan was not a good person.”
“That’s why hius name wasn’t on the list.”

Perhaps as a keeper of the primals, and as a researcher for the Dharma Initiative, Goodwin’s job was to figure out who was good to induct into the primal group, and who needed to be eliminated as a threat to the experiment.

Just my thoughts for this week. I’m probably wrong. 🙂


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