Serenitology – Stop the signal before it is too late!

We never meant for things to turn out this way. We had the best of intentions, they just seem to have gotten away from us. I suppose the same could be said of any train wreck; but who would have thought ours would span the ‘verse?

When Fox cancelled Firefly we thought we’d put them in their place with the force of our coin. We bought copies of the Firefly DVD set for ourselves. We bought them for our families. We bought them for our friends. It would surprise me not to find that copies of Firefly were given to the less fortunate by the well off in those holiday times of year. It’s a shock the Salvation Army red buckets didn’t overflow during the chilled months with boxed sets of the DVDs.

The thing was, it worked. Our little rebellion brought Serenity into existance. How could we count that as anything but a victory?

Then the stats came in, and we didn’t do as well in our first week of ‘battle’ against the ‘Alliance’ of crap movies as we would have hoped. So, we took friends to the movies. We took family to the movies. We took dates to the movies.

We wanted the fight to spread. And so it did.

And now, just ten years later, those of us who considered ourselves Browncoats look at the world we formed and it looks so much like the Alliance we feared. How could we have known that it would become mandatory to buy ten copies of each new book, DVD, soundtrack and comic book? Who could have known that supporting the rebellion would have grown in scale to the point where it was the Alliance itself, with penalties for not conforming with the quota?

Who among us could have forseen that Serenitology would be birthed from our desire to keep the signal going?

Can you forgive us? We knew not what we were creating…

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