A Polluter’s Feast : Politics A Polluter’s Feast : Politics

Read the above linked article. Please.

There is one thing this author missed, but only because he published this a few days too soon…

Back in 2003, Mr. Bush, serving as our President, killed the higher Miles Per Gallon requirements for new cars in liew of some future shift to Hydrogen*.

Yesterday I saw a newspaper headline stating “Bush urges conserving fuel”. Where the hell was that attitude when he signed off on letting automobile manufacturers switch from “Miles Per Gallon” to “Gallons Per Mile”? How do you conserve fuel when you get 15 MPG in your brand new Ford Super Duty**.


*He somehow thought automobile manufacturers could not work on two projects at the same time. Not everyone has his limitations. If he was right Ford wouldn’t be able to make a Sedan and a Pickup Truck at the same time. Automobile manufacturer R&D departments are working on dozens, if not HUNDREDS, of concurrent projects.

**I have no idea if this MPG is correct. The Ford website tells you specs, such as fuel tank capacity, but does not list the MPG for the Super Duty Truck.

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