Last one on the bandwagon…

When Friendster came out it was nifty, and cool, and all that. All the cool kids were doing it.

Then came Orkut. Invitation only, which gave it some sort of geek mystique. It was newer, and ‘cooler’; I copied over all my contacts from Friendster and I only sometimes go back to look. Beta, Beta, Beta; and full of page load errors. Orkut got really annoying.

Then the invites started coming from friends. Everyone was moving to More features, less crashes. Too late; I was bored and annoyed. I created a bare minimum profile and left it to rot.

Friendster has gotten cooler. It does RSS feeds of external blogs MUCH better than LiveJournal does, and I really like that. I don’t want to do my blogging on someone else’s site, and I don’t want my RSS feed used to duplicate my posts so that someone can reply to my post on a site that I don’t read. LJ duplicates posts, while Friendser uses the RSS feed as a table of contents, as it should be, and the links it displays frame my site within theirs. If you reply to my blog on Friendster the reply shows up on my site. This is a more honorable way of handling it than the bastard kludge LJ is doing, where my content becomes part of their site and replies to my content never make it back to me.

It seems like most of my friends who are still active on contact management sites are using I don’t want to maintain multiple profiles. That gets to be a pain in the arse.

Between Friendster and Tribe, what are you using more?


ps. Please DO NOT reply to this posting on the LJ feed account (tampagypsy_feed). Follow the links back to my webite and reply there if you feel the need. There is no way to easily integrate comments from the LJ site back into my own weblog, so the effort of posting to the LJ site is wasted as I will never read it…

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