Two wheels of my own…

The past six months have been odd. I don’t think I’ve ever gone so long without my own transportation since I was 14. At 14 my transportation was a bicycle, but my ‘home turf’ was a bit smaller back then. Since college I’ve always had my own car or motorcycle, and I have been taking the freedom that represented for granted. Back in December I suddenly found myself relocated back to San Francisco, while my car and motorcycle were left behind in Tampa. (The car was eventually donated to the Apache Software Foundation. It was just plain time to cut that chord.) From that point until now I’ve been pretty much dependant on the kindness of friends and Family. I haven’t been staying close enough to a point of mass transit that I could be completely dependant on such, so even getting to BART has required wheels. Being dependant on friends isn’t bad, especially considering how great my friends are; but I am ever cautious for fear that I might become a burden.
Tomorrow, though, things change a bit. My motorcycle is sitting in a cargo container at the local ABF shipping yard, and it is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. (Along with almost everything else I own, but somehow little of that matters as much this evening as the thought of my Shadow.) I don’t think I’ve had my personal motorcycle so closely intertwined with my definition of Freedom since my cross country wanderings in 1991.
It is good to be home. Tomorrow it will be good to be home, and good to be free to wander again.