Stolen Tribute

Eight years ago I took a spring off from Reality. I was living in a school bus, working renaissance faires, and generally having a good time. But, living in a school bus isn’t all it is cracked out to be, and pretty soon I was jonesing for a more complicated life. My friend Robin, who was out in California, asked me if I wanted to help him on a contract gig doing programming for a huge website project. The gig was in a language called perl. Well, I could make in two hours on this project what I would make in an entire weeked working a renaissance faire; so of course I said Sure! I then promptly hit a book store and bought the first O’Reilly book I could find on the subject: Learning Perl by Randall Schwartz. Within hours I was writing perl scripts on a FreeBSD box I had cobbled together from spare parts. By the time I got to Berkeley I was able to carry myself off as if I’d been writing in perl for years. I spent the next few years making a more than decent living largely based upon my perl skills.

Snap to the recent past… Nancy, Mel and I go to DragonCon in Atlanta. Randall Schwartz is part of the (white hat) Hacker panel. I decide to pay a little tribute, and I buy him a bottle of Glenmorangie single malt scotch. I thought it was fitting, since my scotch habit was fed for years by way of my perl habit. I gave it to him at the panel, and he seemed to be pleased.

A couple of days ago I wrote him an email, to see if he enjoyed the scotch. He didn’t. Apparently someone walked off with the bottle.

Who the hell stole my tribute to a perl god?

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  1. That sucks! 🙁

    Con is pretty hectic and despite the tons of really cool, really nice people there are a bunch of assholes too. It could have been anyone.

  2. I seem to recall that he left the panel during the break to order pizza, and left the bottle at the table. Everyone assumed he would be returning, and as of when *I* left, it was still there waiting for him. But I didn’t see him again after that, so I don’t know if he ever returned.

    Perhaps it was just a case of accidental abandonment, and whomever ended up with it had every intention of giving it to him, but then didn’t see him.

    I’d like to think that, anyway.

    Oh, and I would have replied to this way back when you posted it, but I’m behind and haven’t set up the RSS feed yet because I suck.


  3. As I recall JohnnyX picked it up and put it in his box of stuff when he left. No worries though. I shipped Randall a bottle of 15 year old MacCallan Fine Oak last week. This time I have a UPS delivery confirmation!

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