3 Replies to “Unmentionable sightings and a new religion”

  1. The scientology scares you but the whole concept of begging for a cab is fine? It kept saying “putting his palm out”.

    I have no problems with a religion that has no problems with people playing roles of killers. I think the false morality that the common religions display is more repulsive. But that said scientology must not have a lot going for it. Every one of those people mentioned has a clear demarcation in their careers between the before and after “discovering” scientology periods. Travolta and Alley were mediocre to begin with, but Tom Cruise went rapidly downhill.

  2. Perhaps it is some of hte background knowlege that I have of scientology, or perhaps it was just the way that I read it.

    In collateral Tom Cruise’s character was a hit man. The scientologist in the back of the cab gleefully associated that role with a particular level/role in scientology: “In the film, he was a supervisor, an auditor’s delight and Scientologist.”

    I am creeped out by hearing that a scientologist gleefully associated one of the levels of their religion with ‘wet work’. I get this gruesome image of two guys in suits with big grins knocking on my door on a Saturday afternoon and blowing a hole in my head because I won’t commit to buying 200 copies of Battlefield Earth #64.


  3. Ah, and I lived in Wyoming. Major religions aren’t quite so upfront about it, but it’s the same thing– they’re completely willing to kill you for not publicly supporting their beliefs.

    Sadly what that amounts to is your being creeped out that scientologists are tactless. I don’t want to be supportive of them, by any means, but people who tell you what you have to do in order to avoid being penalized are much less scary than those who don’t.

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