The coolness that is Smith & Wesson customer support:

For my birthday, Mel bought me a Smith & Wesson SW99 9mm. I’m writing up a full review, but I’m not done breaking it in and the review has a few things that need flushed out. One thing I can say is that I am very impressed by Smith & Wesson customer support. On my first day at the range with my SW99 I was fiddling with the rear sights, and I put too much pressure on the adjustment screw and the rear site popped free and fell off. When the sight came off, the spring loaded plunger assembly that the adjustment screw meshes with sprang out. I found the spring, but the plunger was lost in a pile of brass casings in the grass. I called Smith & Wesson to ask how much a replacement would cost. I was asked what happened, and when I explained how I lost the piece they sent me a replacement for free. Not only do they stand by their product, they comped me free parts when I broke my own gun. I thought that was cool.


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