How to Fix: Adium issues connecting to Yahoo!

UPDATE: Relief is here!  You no longer need to follow any of the complicated steps on this page.  The Adium team has release a new beta that addresses the Yahoo! issue.  Download it here:

For a few days now, ever since I installed the Yosemite Gold Master, I’ve been unable to use Adium to connect to the Yahoo messenger servers.  The annoyance level finally rose to the point where I needed to do something about it.  If you are here now, you are probably at that point yourself.

For me, it all started with this error:

Error: Error reading from Undefined error: 0

If googling for that error message led you here, I have a fix.  The fix was created by reanimus, one of the Adium developers; but I’ve put together the exact steps you need to follow since this fix hasn’t made it into a release build yet.

UPDATE (2014/11/14) – Thanks to Shawn, a fix has been found for the New Chat Window bug.  I will incorporate the fix into the instructions below later, but for now you can either read his comments or download a pre-compiled build that I have tested on Yosemite:

UPDATE (2014/11/10) – The Yahoo! fix has been committed to the 1.5.11 branch of the code repo, but there is still no official 1.5.11 binary being distributed.  The steps below have been adjusted accordingly.

  1. Install xcode
  2. Install xcode command line tools
  3. Install Mercurial (I used macports, but I’m not here to preach.)
  4. If Adium is running, quit it.
  5. Open a terminal window.  Steps 5 thru 13 happen in that window.
  6. cd ~/Desktop
  7. hg clone
  8. cd adium
  9. hg checkout adium-1.5.11
  10. Depreciated step.  As of 11/10/14 the 1.5.11 branch code now has this change committed.  Only do this step if you decided to build from the 1.5.10 branch:  vi “Plugins/Purple Service/libpurple_extensions/ssl-cdsa.c” and then insert the new lines from the diff at (The starting line position of the diff is off by one, which is my I am having you do this by hand.)
  11. make
  12. make install
  13. sudo rm -rf /Applications/
  14. sudo mv ~/Applications/ /Applications/

There you go.  A working build of Adium that connect to Yahoo.  As a bonus, as my steps also bumped you to the not-yet-released 1.5.11 branch.  It’s working for me, but if you have stability issues you can patch the latest official release by using ‘adium-1.5.10’ at step 8.

If the above steps are outside your comfort zone, and you would rather trust some stranger on the internet to build your this for you, you can download the compiled application and the patched source code here.  The app was built on Yosemite, may not run on other versions of OS X.  Let me know if you have any issues.

Adium + Yahoo! fix – application: (1.5.11)
Adium + Yahoo! fix – source code:

This should hold you over until the next official release of the greatest IM client ever made.


UPDATE (2014/10/31) – I’ve had reports that “File/New Chat” crashes Adium, and I have been able to verify that on my system.  I’ve tried building 1.5.10 with the SSL fix, and it also has the crash problem.   I’ve put the 10.5.10 build up here, in case anyone wants to try it, but I don’t expect it will work for you.  🙁
The only workaround I can suggest is rather than New Chat, add the person you want to chat with as a new contact, and then open up a chat window to them via your Contacts list.

Adium + Yahoo! fix – application: (1.5.10)

55 Replies to “How to Fix: Adium issues connecting to Yahoo!”

  1. Thanks for this, the error was driving me nuts. But I have one question: Following your steps, would I lose all settings and configuration/tweaks I already made to Adium?

    1. You will keep all your settings and chat history. This only replaces the application, just like any other time you have upgraded Adium. Settings, customizations, plugins, and chat history are stored in ~/Library/Application Support/Adium 2.0 which is untouched by this process.

  2. fatal error: file ‘/Users/Chris/Desktop/adium/Frameworks/AIUtilities Framework/Source/AIMathCompatibility.h’ has been
    modified since the precompiled header
    was built
    note: please rebuild precompiled header
    1 error generated.

    ** BUILD FAILED **

    The following build commands failed:
    CompileC build/ Frameworks/AIUtilities\ Framework/Source/AIFunctions.m normal x86_64 objective-c
    CompileC build/ Frameworks/AIUtilities\ Framework/Source/AIMutableOwnerArray.m normal x86_64 objective-c
    CompileC build/ Frameworks/AIUtilities\ Framework/Source/JVMarkedScroller.m normal x86_64 objective-c
    CompileC build/ Frameworks/AIUtilities\ Framework/Source/AIToolbarUtilities.m normal x86_64 objective-c
    (4 failures)
    make: *** [adium] Error 65

    Any suggestions?

  3. I went thru this process with Xcode 6.1 and it built fine; however it seems to have introduced a bug where using the “New Chat…” menu causes Adium to crash. Same when using the 1.5.10 base too. I’m curious if you have tried for Yosemite and can reproduce the error?

    1. I am able to reproduce your issue. If I double click on a username in my contact list, it opens a new chat window without crashing. That’s going to have to be my workaround until the Adium team makes an official release. 🙁

      1. Yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing too. I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t just me or something unique to my environment :(.

  4. I spoke too soon when I said that the installer worked with Yahoo. It did solve the login error, but no messages I actually send ever get to the other end.

    MacPro 2.66 1,1

  5. Worked like a charm. A little difficult to find exactly where to insert the lines though (I’ve used the editor from xCode, and there are no line numbers).

    Thank you!

  6. Holy crap! After weeks and weeks of trying now and then its finally working again. I just downloaded your zip, thanks for that, cause I’m pretty sure I would have messed up big time with the Xcode lol

    1. I’m pulling down the source for 1.5.10 now. I’ll apply the SSL fix and then see if it crashes on New Chat as well. If it’s good I’ll have a new download link up shortly.

  7. Thanks for your efforts! Adium is now working on my MacBook Pro but I’m still hesitant to upgrade my iMac. As an Apple user since 1987, I’m sad to see all the glitches in software these days. I NEVER upgrade immediately anymore.

  8. Hey, thanks for putting in the time and pouring your brilliance out into full instructions but mostly a final build app for us technically challenged individuals. I’m kind of surprised theres been no update from adium crew. they’re usually faster than most corporations. heh.

  9. I just went to File > New chat and app crashed. If thats of any interest to you. Just thought I’d let you know.

          1. That’s not good. They did acknowledge and update the bug, but haven’t had any activity past that.

  10. Can’t thank you enough for building this for us. Just thought I’d let you let you know that the crash doesn’t occur for me on Snow Leopard 10.6.8 using your 1.5.11 build. I can boot up in Mountain Lion later and see it it works. Have you only tested with Yosemite?

  11. I’ve managed to find the source of the New Chat problem. The issue seems to be some error in the object that is being used to add the Display Name of a contact to the auto-complete feature when typing the contact’s name in the New Chat dialog. By commenting out the line that does this, it avoids the crash. Of course this means that you have to type the contact’s actual name, but that may be worth it until they (or I) can find a more permanent fix.

    So to do the workaround, comment out line 119 in the file ./Frameworks/Adium Framework/Source/AIAccountPlusFieldPromptController.m and rebuild.

    The line is:
    [textField_handle addCompletionString:contact.displayName withImpliedCompletion:contact];

      1. Hmmm…I did do the initial compile in Xcode directly. I’ll try to do a fresh download and build to be sure.

        1. Oh, not sure if you’ve used a different location but I ran into a problem where Xcode cached some stuff. You have to:

          make clean
          rm -rf ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/ModuleCache/*
          make clean

          to get around that.

  12. Works on 10.9.5, just remember to Control click the icon and select open, if you have your security preferences set to not allow downloaded apps to run.

    Takes quite a bit of time to startup the first time you run it!

    I notice my MSN account doesn’t connect now, but that might be unrelated.

  13. THANK YOU! for this fix. Question – my MSN stopped working as well with this install? Any way to fix that?

  14. Hi this doesn’t work for me just recently updated to yosemite 10.10.3 , i need a yahoo im with conf , any idea what i can do ?
    If it helps trillian won’t connect either

    1. Have you downloaded the latest beta from the Adium site I linked to? I am running Adium 1.5.11b2 (4/16/15) on OS X 10.10.4, and it is connecting to Yahoo.

      1. Hi,
        Thanks for replying
        yes i have a few times and uninstalled etc , i’m beginning to think it might be my settings or something ?
        When i download the Adium 1.5.11b2 i get the locked out error try agin in a few minutes etc
        It’s driving me nuts 🙁

  15. I’m having this problem again. Keeps trying to login but doesn’t work. I tried several versions, no help. I am on a new Mackbook pro now. I even copied the whole folder and app from my older Macbook. It works fine there on same OS version. But won’t work on this new 2015 15 inch retina.

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