!Cuil (geek speak for “not cool”)

Cuil is all the rage this week, with articles claiming it is bringing back the old days of tech startups. Cuil claims to have the largest database of indexed pages, which got Google’s hackles up. Personally, I’m not impressed. It’s not just that they don’t list my site when I search for Ghostwheel, but they also miss every single Zelazny fan site that talks about the second Amber series? I find it hard to believe that while “indexing a whopping 120 billion web pages” they didn’t find a single reference to Ghostwheel when Google has 39,700 references in their system. Pffffft! Epic fail for Cuil!


ghostwheel – Cuil

No results were found for: ghostwheel

If you’ve checked your spelling, you could try using fewer or different keywords to broaden your search.

Still no luck? Send us your feedback: noresults@cuil.com


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  1. Yup.. when I searched for ‘serolynne’, I got a couple of references to my site, but no listings for serolynne.com or even my LJ.

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