Sucky Salaries at Apple

I can vouch for this, personally. A few years back I interviewed for a position at Apple. They offered me $30k/year less than I was currently making, and the HR person I was dealing with seemed surprised that I wasn’t jumping at the opportunity. Apple proudly admits they pay the ‘industry median’ for salaries; but some of us never have been, and never will be, average.

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Apple’s Engineers: an Unexpected Profit Center
Tag: Ideas — Oren Hurvitz @ 10:19 pm

According to salary information collected by new startup Glassdoor, Apple pays its engineers significantly less than competing companies in Silicon Valley. Apple engineers make $89,000 a year, whereas Google engineers can buy four more Segways a year (pre-tax) with their $112,573 paycheck. Microsoft and Yahoo are closer to Google: both companies pay their engineers $105,000 a year. See TechCrunch’s review of Glassdoor for the data.


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