Stomp… Stomp… Stomp… Here come the Thought Police

Ill. Student Charged Over Violent Essay
Friday, April 27, 2007
04-27 10:46 PDT Cary, Ill. AP —

A high school senior was arrested after writing that “it would be funny” to dream about opening fire in a building and having sex with the dead victims, authorities said.

Another passage in the essay advised his teacher at Cary-Grove High School: “dont be surprised on inspiring the first CG shooting,” according to a criminal complaint filed this week.

Allen Lee, 18, faces two disorderly conduct charges over the creative-writing assignment, which he was given on Monday in English class at the northern Illinois school.

Students were told to “write whatever comes to your mind. Do not judge or censor what you are writing,” according to a copy of the assignment.

[Read the rest of the story via the link above.]

Read the last quoted paragraph again: ‘Students were told to “write whatever comes to your mind. Do not judge or censor what you are writing,” according to a copy of the assignment.’ And when he did, they had him arrested. Talk about pressure to ‘do well‘ in school!

The Thought Police require that you write whatever you are thinking, so that they may better judge you. Just wait until the second iteration of this madness comes around: When students are charged because the teacher doesn’t believe they wrote their true thoughts and thinks the student wanted to write something violent…

I have never heard better arguments for home schooling than the recent knee-jerking happening at schools around the country.

Next up, the Dream Police… they live inside of your head…

-Chris Knight

4 Replies to “Stomp… Stomp… Stomp… Here come the Thought Police”

  1. Goodness, I hope not. My dreams are usually nightmares right now, and if they start blaming me for that… 😉

    That sucks ass, dude.

  2. I don’t think they should have had him arrested. However some over-reaction is understandable following the V.T. massacre. Super violent writing is going to upset people since it did not set them off with Cho’s writings.

  3. If you follow the link to the original article you can see what this poor kid wrote. Unlike Cho, he showed humor in his writing. Cho was just damn creepy.

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